eXpert 1000 Series servo hydraulic testing machines are ideal for testing metals, composites, medical devices and implants, concrete, webbing, and other materials at very high load capacities without breaking your budget. Each frame employs strain gage load cells for direct measurement of force. No need to compensate for piston friction and other non-linearities, these frames offer exceptional accuracy and precision while reducing long-term calibration and service costs. A simple design based upon off-the-shelf components allows for lower cost, faster delivery, continuous testing to maximum load, and years of maintenance free operation. The hydraulic power supply and electronics are integral with the frame thereby saving valuable lab space.

eXpert 1600 Series frames are capable of performing static tension, compression, and bend tests. eXpert 1900 Series dynamic fatigue testers are engineered to meet the force-stroke-frequency requirements of your application. ADMET offers a full line of grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers and heating and cooling systems. All ADMET machines can be modified to satisfy special stroke, load, and fixturing requirements.

  • Up to 600kN; Static and Dynamic Fatigue Tests to 15 Hz
  • Simple, low maintenance design
  • Perform tension, compression, peel, and bend tests
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards