Ideal for simulating real-world conditions, ADMET offers both planar biaxial and axial-torsion test systems. Static axial-torsion test systems are offered by adding a torsion actuator to one of our standard single or dual column universal testing machines; providing you the flexibility to perform axial-torsion, uniaxial, and torsion-only tests with one machine. ADMET also offers a dynamic fatigue axial-torsion tester capable of performing tests to 15 Hz. ADMET’s planar biaxial test systems are engineered to your sample size, elongation, and test speed and force specifications. Due to the difficulty in gripping many of the sample materials, we engineer special grips, fixtures and jigs to ensure samples are properly loaded in the machine.

If you do not find a system that satisfies all of your requirements, please contact us and we will work with you to design one that does.

eXpert 8600 Axial-Torsion

Quiet and compact testing system capable of tension, compression, and torsion testing.  Available in both static and fatigue models. (more info)

Planar Biaxial

Testing system capable of performing tension tests along X and Y axes (more info)