We are excited to announce that as part of ADMET's 25 year anniversary celebration we are offering a free prize to one selected educational institution based in the United States. We are gifting our newly launched eX5M Manual Mechanical Force/Stress Testing System to the best entry from an educational institution describing how they would use our system in the classroom. The contest is open to all schools of any size both high school and colleges. The materials testing system, valued at up to $5,000, will be equipped with a digital indicator and include one set of grips or fixtures for the winning application.  The deadline for entry is May 31, 2014.

The eX5M Mechanical Force Tester is a versatile manually operated stand with capabilities to 1000lb (4.4 kN). With the ability to perform tension, compression and bend tests, the system will include ADMET's intelligent Universal Test Indicator (UTI). Classrooms can now be equipped with an effective piece of technology which enables students to receive both visual and tactile feedback thus re-enforcing the behavior of materials. The ability for students to examine and compare results and experiment with the effects of varying mechanical arrangements and speeds leads to a wider educational experience.

Click HERE to download the contest form and brochure.